DAC, Inc. – The BUSINESS of doing BUSINESS

DAC Consulting, Inc is a broker of Progress and Success in the private sector, Government (State and Federal) and Non-Profit 501 (C) organizations.

There is an old saying ” that life is who you know” and DAC has applied this saying and philosophy to business, government and industry.

DAC, Inc has been “in the know” for over three decades.
You need DAC, Inc when you have a desire to manage a successful business in the following areas:

  1. Biometrics for National Defence, State and U.S. Government Security.
  2. Government with an emphasis on Homeland Security, Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration working with a Service Disabled Veterans Owned Small Business.
  3. Manufacturing, Re-manufacturing, Re-engineering, all around support equipment for U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force.
  4. Securing/Brokering Natural Resources worldwide (oil, precious gems-metals, construction and manufacturing).
  5. The Politics of Business.
  6. U.S. Government Contracts (eg., service-disabled veteran’s contracts).
  7. International Business – working with Kings, Presidents and Business Titans.
  8. The Business of Non-Profits, benefits, legislation, fundraising, all 501 (C) operational activities.

If any of the above business-related topics apply to your business then you are in need of DAC, Inc‘s Professional Service.

David A. Christian is a member of the Veterans, Military, Political and Law Enforcement Community. He leads the way with DAC Consulting, Inc in securing the best in legislation, benefits, business and political meetings. His most important success is to establish “Positive Bottom Line” results.

DAC, Inc is a consultant group that you cannot afford to do without as part of your team.