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I am an American, born in the state of Florida and raised in Pennsylvania. I was born at the right time to serve in the right place with the bravest men in the world, having served in the United States Army as a Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain by the age of 20. At the age of 21, I was medically retired as a Captain with full rank and privileges for life, as a result of gunshot, Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) injuries and Napalm burns. I am best known as a Veteran Activist, fighting for the Vietnam Veteran Memorial Wall to writing Agent Orange and Post Traumatic Stress Legislation. I received a US Presidential appointment. I served with the US Senate as a Senior Advisor for National Defense, Foreign Relations, and Veterans Benefits . I also had a tenure with different federal agencies, domestic and international. I graduated Villanova University, Rutgers Law School and Middlebury College intensive Russian language, using the GI Bill. I was appointed a U.S. Presidential Adviser and worked with Federal Agencies in Washington. I am currently President of DAC International Consultant Company, CEO and President of Medical/Surgical Company and Owner of DAC- Val hydraulic equipment company, supplying the United States Navy and Air Force.

David A. Christian

US Senate Fellow (1998-2006)

Fellowship in the US Senate and US House, advisor in the areas of National Defense, Foreign Relations and Armed Services. Mr. Christian is uniquely qualified to this fellowship by virtue of his experiences in the following countries: Vietnam, Russia, Germany, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Lithuania- supplemented by experience in other regions- to include the Gulf-Mid East-,Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Balkans, The Caucus region of Russia and Western Asia, and the industrial countries of Japan and China. Mr. Christian also has experience and relationships with many Caribbean countries/territories and countries in South America. The Congress further requests that this assignee have interagency understanding and a history of working relationships between different federal agencies to include working relationship with the US Congress (both houses) and the Executive Branch (to include White House Agency Appointments). Mr. Christian has experience working with US Presidents, Members of Congress, Foreign Heads of State and U.S. and foreign cabinet level officials and Mayors of large US cities. This experience helps in preparing reports that are important to the legislative process. A working relationship of more than one foreign language is helpful in the fellowship position. David A. Christian has a working relationship of German and Russian.

Liaison to U.S. Congress (1978-1984)

Worked with National and International Unions in developing employment and training programs e.g. (BRAC) Brotherhood of Railroad and Airline Clerk Unions, President Fred Kroll. The training program was in conjunction with US Department of Labor in St. Louis, Mo. AFL-CIO (Lane Kirkland) and the Pennsylvania Building Trade Unions (Tom Miller).

Education (1966 – PRESENT)

Graduate of Woodrow Wilson High School 1966. Graduate of Villanova University ’72 graduated on the Dean’s List and a member of the National Honor Society. 1973 to 1976 Rutgers University Law School, Camden, New Jersey. Graduate School at Villanova University. In addition David A. Christian has participated in Graduate Studies at University of Pennsylvania, Bryn Mawr College (Russian Language Institute), Pa., and Middlebury College, Vermont. Presently finishing a Masters Degree – studying international politics and intensive language programs of Russian and German. Graduate of “Officers Candidate School”

US Department of Labor (1987-1998)

Developed and implemented legislation. Developed the first interagency agreement with Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs and the US Department of Labor. Worked with US Congress on Military and Veterans issues. Worked to develop the Vietnam Veterans Caucus in Congress. Wrote legislation to compliment Title 38 United States Code (note legislation was signed into law) reference Veterans Employment and Training.

Developed Veterans Outreach Programs for non-government agencies and the State of Pennsylvania. The programs were to assist active/reserve military personnel in their transition to civilian life ? this transition was to dovetail with US Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) and the Department of Labor’s Dictionary of Occupational Titles to work with both the private sector and the State Employment Services.

Congressional Candidate (1984-1986)

Won two Republican Congressional Primaries and lost very close General Elections by 8/10th’s of a percentage point. Campaign Manager Ari Fleischer went on to become White House Press Secretary to President George W. Bush.

Presently, maintains strong relationships with both Republicans and Democrats from the Pennsylvania State House to the White House and from the US Congress to City Hall in Philadelphia, Pa.

Presidential Appointee (1998-2010)

White House Liaison on Foreign Affairs to the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs and the U.S. Department of Labor as a Schedule “C” Presidential Appointee

Social Activist (1974 – PRESENT)

David A. Christian became the youngest National Commander of the Nation’s oldest veterans organization The Legion of Valor. He was a co-founder of the Vietnam Veterans of America with US Senator John Kerry and Bobby Muller. He helped with the National Korean and Vietnam Memorials in Washington, DC. Even today, Christian continues to speak out for Veterans issues as well as to organize and empower the Asian Communities of the United States.

DAC, Inc.


You need DAC, Inc when you have a desire to manage successful business in the following areas:
  • Biometrics for National Defence, State and U.S. Government Security.
  • Government with an emphasis on Homeland Security, Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration working with a Service Disabled Veterans Owned Small Business.
  • Manufacturing, Re-manufacturing, Re-engineering, all around support equipment for U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force.
  • Securing/Brokering Natural Resources worldwide (oil, precious gems-metals, construction and manufacturing).
  • The Politics of Business.
  • U.S. Government Contracts (eg., service disabled veteran’s contracts).
  • International Business – working with Kings, Presidents and Business Titans.
  • The Business of Non Profits, benefits, legislation, fundraising, all 501 (C) operational activities.

Author/Commentator/Public Relations

(1987 – PRESENT)

Author for McGraw-Hill and Simon and Schuster. You can currently see David on the National Lecture circuit addressing various Universities and Corporate Groups. Check this site for upcoming appearances.

Veterans and Military Benefit Activist- Expert Consultant to ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and presently employed as a consultant with Fox Network News. Worked as contributing expert on hundreds of radio, television and print media experiences. Worked on numerous historic TV Documentaries – two examples, “Making Sense Out of the Sixties” and “The Ten Thousand Day War”.

“Poor is a nation that has no heroes, but Beggared is a nation that has and forgets…” (quote often used by President JFK)


“I have known David Christian for decades. This has afforded me the opportunity to work with him closely in many different parts of the world and under adverse and dangerous circumstances. He has worked for Firecreek Petroleum, Inc., a company that I am the President of, on several assignments.

“Dave’ is recognized as a ‘veteran of the highest caliber’.” – The Congressional Record (U.S. Senate)

“His close personal friendships and relations with many foreign business and government leaders have worked to the benefit of this company. His personal character, integrity and keen grasp of common sense in personal and business dealings are of the very highest caliber. It is certainly on a par with his highly respected military career.” – John R. “JR” Taylor/ President, Firecreek Petroleum

“David Christian embodies the spirit of the american fighting man on the battlefield. Dave’s unique and daring approach to life captures the reader from beginning to end. Victor Six is truly an emotional book.” –  Former Secretary of State John Kerry (D-Mass)

“David Christian fought to remind a nation of the trials and tribulations of the individual soldier who bravely served in Vietnam and returned home to face a country without jobs, in need of benefits and legislation. Dave always remembered the creed ‘No man left behind, and applied it to the social battlefield”. – Alexander M. Haig, Jr. (Former U.S. Secretary of State)

“Dave Christian was a significant part of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial effort in Washington. When the memorial came under attack, Victor Six charged forward. The nation and I will always be thankful for Dave’s courage.” – Jan Scruggs (Founder of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington, DC.)